HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 25: The impressive things in the world through my business trip!

 Hi, there! I'm Shota Kawaminami works for HDE, Inc. as an Executive officer in charge of the Microsoft Business and the Global business. I'm the last guy of HDE Advent Calendar of 2016! Let's get start the Day 25, so, and Merry Christmas, everyone! How do you spend Christmas? Fortunately, I could spend the Christmas with my family and could exchange presents each other in Japan! Why did I say that? Yes, I'm usually working in abroad, as I noted, I'm in charge of the Global business.


 Eight, this number is that I visited countries in this year! There were Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, United States of America, Taiwan! I saved the visiting point on Google Map.


*The Star points are my visiting place in this year.

 Today, I'll explain about most impressive things through my business trips.


1. The Niagara Falls (Toronto, Canada)


 Microsoft holds the annual conference in North America for partners every year called Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). This year it was held in Toronto, I participated in the WPC and visited the Niagara falls. There are two falls, America falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. We can see the falls from the bottom riding on the tour ship.



2. Times Square (New York City, USA)


 After WPC, I visited New York City! I could get the power when I came here every time. The central of the Melting Pod, the Big Apple. I enjoyed watching the musical eating stakes, hamburgers, and so on!


3. Yankee Stadium (New York City, USA)


 My friends who live in New York City brought me to the Yankee Stadium. The photo is the pitcher, Mr. Uehara is climbing up the mound.


4. Motorbikes (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


 Ho Chi Minh City is the Motorbike City. There were a lot of Motor Bikes. Not only one person, two people, I saw 5 people riding one motorbike!


5. Taipei 101 (Taipei, Taiwan)


 We've established the branch in Taipei city, Taiwan this year! Taipei 101 is the 3rd highest building in the world. Fortunately, I had a chance to visit 2nd and no.1 highest building in the world! Do you know which building are them?



6. Jiufen (Taiwan)


 Using weekends, I visited Jiufen. Here is saying that the model place of the movie, "Spirited Away", the Japanese title is "千と千尋の神隠し". 


7. Traffic Jam (Jakarta, Indonesia)


 I've heard Jakarta is the worst traffic jam city in the world before visiting. I could say now, that's true! I had to spend 3 hours in the taxi the worst case in there!


8. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore, Singapore)


 Needless to say, everyone knows as the symbol of Singapore and famous rooftop pool. The hotel that's consisted by 3 towers and the big ship. There are Casino, shopping mall, convention center and so on. Every night in front of the hotel, in the bay, the illumination show is held twice.



9. Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


 I have never seen sich a modern and fantastic building in the world! There is real Final Fantasy world in here. I defiantly recommend you to see these buildings in the night time. It's also good viewing from SkyBar of the Trader Hotel at the opposite side of the Twin Towers!



10. Microsoft HoloLens (Seattle, USA) 


 There was a future in the glasses named HoloLens. I could experience to fix the outlet, design a motorbike, fight against aliens, explore on the Mars and so on. I am sorry that I can't show you the real. It'll come to our daily life soon! 




 How about you? Can you enjoy my article? I think that clever readers all know, I didn't write about one country, so it's Thailand. Actually, I lived half of this year in Bangkok, Thailand. So there were so many good things I want to write. It's not enough to write in one article. I'll write about Thailand next time if I could have a chance. 


 Finally, thank you for everyone who met this year all over the world, thank you for everyone who took care of me, thank you for your kindness. Without your help, I couldn't deal with my business trip and life. See you again soon in the world!


 Thank you for reading my blog and HDE Advent Calendar to the end. Have a good day, last of this year and Happy New Year!!