HDE Advent Calendar 2016

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HDE Advent Calendar Day 24: My Adventure in Japan part 2

Hello everyone!

I am Sunny who started to work in HDE recently. Just kidding. I mean starting to work in HDE Taiwan. HDE Taiwan is same as HDE in Japan, providing value added cloud security to the companies who are using Office 365/ G Suite.


Today, let me talk about the same topic as two years ago in HDE Advent Calendar 2014.

23日目:日本への大冒険 - HDE Advent Calendar 2014

Yes, My adventure in Japan part 2.


1. Join HDE

Yes, I graduated and worked in a Japanese company in Japan! It was so exciting for me. Of course, at that same time, it was also a big challenge. Studying in Japan as a exchange student is totally different from working. You have to learn seriously how to do lots of things in foreign country by yourself. It is like you are in a foggy place. You can see every things, but it is not clear. However, HDE people, my colleagues are really so nice! Really appreciate all of your support during all my adventure in HDE.


I did four interns/part-time in different Taiwanese companies and Japanese companies’ subsidiaries in Taiwan before. The culture and working style, environment is quite different. However, that is why it is interesting and attractive.


My 1st anniversary gift of working in HDE from GIP team 



2. Work for Global Internship Program

As I joined HDE, I started to work for Global Internship Program. It was my first position, finding talented, recruiting good engineers around the world.


Then, I had the first business trip to Singapore, which starts my business trip life in HDE, and I always appreciate. We hold the seminar with Aiesec, and participated in Job fair in National Singapore University. And sure, we did find some good GIP members in the business trip.



After that, our team went to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia,  Hong Kong, Taiwan to recruit. In  every business trips. I met different people around the world. We have different views to see the world, different values, different styles of working and living. During that year we found lots of global talents around the world, and some of them are my colleagues now. I am quite happy to have them in HDE :) Of course, those experience in that year will always remind me that this world is big. No matter how far I go, what kind of situation or barriers I meet, the experience might make me think it more widely, deeply, freely.


3. About HDE Taiwan

Well, about this, If you have time to read, I can write like more than 10 pages about this story. I think lots of people have no ideas what I am doing now, since I mostly not in the office in Japan. Please let me share with you. Yes, I started to try to introduce HDE One to Taiwan mark. Our HDE One is kind of brand new concept in the market, and in which our partners and customers are interested. Of course, there is cultural shock. From the beginning parts to the end of business process, having company, marketing, branding, doing selling, testing products, even buying are different. We need to learn and adjust, communicate at every small things and moments.  

And thanks for lots of my colleagues, we have a branch in Taipei!



I am trying my best to do it now. It is challenging and definitely not an easy thing, but I still can say, by conquering (or actually taking) those difficulties I am still enjoying.


And stay tune, since the story of HDE Taiwan just started!

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To Be continued..