HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 20: WinterはCapybaraとOnsen Zanmai

Hi, I’m Tanabe, working as a Software Engineer at HDE. I wrote the advent calendar blog second times and this is the third time for me.

If you are interested in those topic, please check it out. I thought my topic in this year would be a technical one as usual but.. there is no technical topic until today as you can see here. I decided to try to write a non technical one.

What animal do you like?

I love Capybara. Do you know the capybara?

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. Close relatives are guinea pigs and rock cavies, and it is more distantly related to the agouti, chinchillas, and the coypu.

From Wikipedia, Capybara

I didn't know Capybara much until I met kapibara-san. Kapibara-san is a character inspired by Capybara. It was created by Tryworks. Actually, I came to know this character in a game arcade. It was a prize of UFO catcher and I really liked it.



Kapibara-san in my balcony. source: me.


Mage-Wappa with Kapibara-san in Kyurutto-shop in Tokyo Station. source: me



Kapibara-san Cafe in Tokyo. source: me


Real Capybara:


The capybara in Nasu Animal Kingdom. source: me


The capybara in Suzaka Zoo in Nagano. source: me


The capybara in Sayuri World in Ichihara, Chiba. source: me


The capybara in Izu Shaboten Park in Izu, Shizuoka. source: me

I hope you now understand that kapibara-san and the real capybara are both sooooo cute.

The capybara is very stable animal. They don't move except for the time of feeding.


The capybara in Mother Farm in Bousou, Chiba. source: me

I can see the stop-the-world capybara forever. They really makes me relaxed.

The capybara loves a watermelon. They are so excited while eating it.


The capybara and watermelon in Bio Park Nagasaki. source: Bio Park Nagasaki

I think the capybara is very social animal. We can see the capybara along with other animals.


The capybara and Mara in Kobe Animal Kingodom. source: me


The capybara and turtle in Moff Animal World in Inzai, Chiba. source: me


The capibara and an animal (I forgot...) in Sayuri World. source: me

And also you can find more awesome photos at Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much? (18+ Pics) | Bored Panda

Now is the winter. I love Onsen and Sento. Do you know the capybara also loves Onsen too?


The capybara, enjoying Onsen in Nasu Animal Kingdom. source: me


The capybara and Onsen in Saitama Children's Zoo in Higashi-matsuyama, Saitama. source: me

They live in densely forested areas near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, swamps, ponds, and marshes,[11] as well as flooded savannah and along rivers in tropical forest.

From Wikipedia, Capybara

so... The winter season in Japan is too hard for them. A one of zoo in Japan got an idea about giving the capybara Onsen. The zoo shaped the idea and finally the capybara found Onsen fun.

Recently, there are zoos that provide Onsen not only for the capybara but also for human. You can enjoy it with the capybara.

全国初!カピバラをみながら温泉入浴できる入浴施設新規OPEN! : What's New : 那須どうぶつ王国 : 那須どうぶつ王国 (News from Nasu Animal Kingom about Onsen with Capybara)

The place you can enjoy kapibara-san and the capybara near Tokyo

I think you want to know where you can meet kapibara-san and the capybara.

For kapibara-san, you should go to Kyurutto-shop (キュルっとショップ) in FIRST AVENUE TOKYO B1F.

For the capybara:

That's it. Enjoy Onsen and Capybara!