HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 17:My reccomend Application


Hello everyone, my name is Yuta Onari.

Sorry for my posting being late...

Before my start, maybe only few of you guys know about me, so let me shortly introduce myself.


It passed about 3 years after I joined HDE.(so fast!)

Now I'm belonging to Cloud Sales&MKTG devision, especially in "inside sales" department.

 This team was established last year, so we are very young.

I joined inside sales team from the beginning of last half period, so this is the 2nd half period for me in my career of inside sales team.

before I came inside sales, I was in metro high-touch sales team.


The lowest life

However, at that time, every my performance related to my lifeーboth my private and working timeーwas literally "totally suck".

 I couldn't manage my everything.

For example,priority of task, health, both private and working time, and things like that. I woke up at 5'o clock every day, due to feeling like I have to do something.(but sure, I did nothing till working time.) After I came to company, there were bunch of task and I couldn't decide which task should I do first. There was only few time to take lunch, so I decide to bring rice ball from my home, so I can assure time for work. Usual time I leave the office was around 22~23 every day. After I came back to my home, the only thing I could do was just dive into my bed and sleep like a log. I've keep wasting my money in the weekend, only because that I have no time and mental allowance to use it in the week day. 


Nothing went correctly. And what was worse, it lasted after I came to inside team. I was just keep hoping to change these things, But nothing will changes by only dreaming. But one time, one idea suddenly came up to my mind.


"I'm in IT Company. Why don't I use IT Tool to change this situation…?"


Yes "I" can

After that, I started to define what should I do to change these shitty situation, and I decide to search for 3 kinds of application. which is to control and management





If I could control these thing perfectly, I strongly belive that this situation will dramatically change.

Finally I decided to use several applications. After started using these, my "jack-assy" life gradually started to change, and now it was completely different from 1~2 years ago.This time, let me introduce what I'm now using and how do I use it to control, management and change my life.


・time management=Mystats

URL>>> http://www.mystats.net/jpn/

He is one of my great hero, which completely changed my life. This is time management application, which make it easy to know what did i do in the life. 


This is the sample of interface. You can see comprehensively what did you do , and preview and look back over the past use of time. It is written by both round graph and  percentage, it helps you to review the use of time. For example, how long did I use my time for sleeping, or to self-development. It also helps you to find the usage of your wasting time.

before start to use this, I was so nervous that I have to deal with the task just in front of me, even in weekend. But after start using this, I found some rhythm of my day, and also the wasting time. My rough schedule of daytime was like this.


1.wake up→2. go to work→3. lucnch→4.go back to my home→5. sleep.


That's it. That’s all. I just keep repeating this 5 times for weekday. What a boring life isn't it? But it's true story! lol

I found that the commuting time and the way of my home, I did nothing by recording it. So I decide to study about "Sales" and "Way to talk with someone=communication skill" by buying some books and read it in these times.

In the weekend, I usually woke up around 10A.M averagely, and fell asleep at 8P.M., because of alchohol. The only way I use my money was to drink alchohol, to forget my bad way of thinking and passed stupid weekday. But I decide to change this horrible habit by meet with someone, talk with my friends, and stimulated my mind. After I talk and meet with many people, I thought what a fuckin way did I think of my work. 


Things like that.

Everything started to change by manage my lifetime. Way of thinking, useage of my time, and so on.


So if someone thinking like the old "me", I strongly reccomend you to start manage and control life and make it valuable.


・task management=Jooto

URL>>> https://www.jooto.com/

She is my competent secretary, which to remind, control and manage my task. 


Here is the sample of interface. It's really similar to the application"Trello", but I think she is more useful.

This can show you which tasks are left and also tells me the priority of each task by change the color of each tasks.For example, if there's ergent tasks, all you have to do is write the task into the board, and put the tag"ergent".Then you'll never for get to deal with, or make miss disidion of the task to deal first.


Before I start to use this, my task management ability was shit.(sorry for my bad word.)  I couldn't define which task should I do first, and after my boss told me "how are you doing about this?", I realized that I have to do it immediately. 24/365, he was angry at me. So sorry about that, boss...

 I also didn't consider my colleagues. Because there was no margin everytime, I have to get the answer or decidion immediately, I rushed to them and 100% offended them when I did this.  I really want to apologize about it to all of my related.

However, after I started to use this, it won't occur because I have enough time to think, ask and discuss about one task. Incredible! I think I can't believe this situation at that time.


・money management=おカネレコ

URL>>> 2秒家計簿おカネレコ 300万人が使う無料で人気の家計簿アプリ -Appliv 

He is my efficient CPA. After I started using this, I could completely annihilated my barren money, and what is more, I could constantly save my money.



This is the sample of its interface. It enable you to see your income and spending by both calendar and round graph by just click the item on the application and amount both in and out. You can see the percentage of total, so if there’s some waste money, you can easily check it. Also you can briefly see the spending by each day. This make you to adjust the spending if you have big waste in some day. 

Again, before I started to use this, I was splurging  as much as I could for alcohol in the weekend. Also my dietary pattern was misery. I only eat rice ball in the weekday, only because I have no time to spend elegant lunch. In the weekend, go to ramen ”Jiro”, my another way to splurge, steadily collapsed my health. Last year’s my weigh was 48kg, though I’m 167cm tall. My BMI was extraordinarily went crazy. I threw up almost every day because of pessimistic.

First thing I did was to change my dietary pattern, I studied each nutrition’s effect and try my best to eat food in a balance. and also quit drinking alcohol by alone.(only with someone!)

Now, my health balance became better and better, my face’s acne were almost completely disappeared. By thinking about money, I also saved my health condition!


What is more, these application can use for totally free! I still couldn’t believe that these free guys changed my life extremely!


What I learned from this activity

I learned that if you think you want to change something, first you have to do is just believe that you can. After that, make some specifical action. Though you think you can’t come up some idea, just keep believe and you will.  I’ll maintain this habit forever in my life till the end, and want to teach my family and do it together.The keyword is


 yes "I" can.



Thank you for reading!