HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 14: Go by motorhome! The seven-day trip to the Canadian Rockies!

Hi, everyone! Here comes the 14th day of HDE Advent Calendar!
I am Akane of the Finance Section in the Business Administration Division.

(Do you remember the 4th post written by Akane-chan? In our company HDE, there are 2 Akane, "茜" and "茜子." And I am "茜子," the other Akane!)

I was born and raised in Tokyo, and now I live and work in Shibuya. Of course, I love here so much. The number of tourists to Japan (adding more, the number of tourists to Shibuya) has increased significantly in recent years. I am very proud of it.


As I am always surrounded by a lot of buildings, I sometimes yearn for Mother Nature....


Today, I'd like to tell you great Canadian nature that I've been in this summer vacation.


"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome on board our Flight. Please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. Please enjoy your flight with us."

All passengers in front of your PC, please sit back, relax and enjoy the short virtual trip. Thank you!


1. The travel map

This is the travel map.


2. Attention

- The motorhome* is so useful for a long-way and long-term camping. That is because you can cook same as in your house, keep perishables in the refrigerator, and also you don't need to prepare your bed every night!
(* Motorhome is a motor vehicle built on a truck or bus chassis and designed to serve as self-contained living quarters for recreational travel.)
f:id:akaneco3:20161214041449j:plain[Photo 1: our motorhome]
f:id:akaneco3:20161214045615j:plain[Photo 2: in the motorhome]

- We decided to stay campgrounds with shower booths, although we knew that the hot water isn't working for a long time at once. As for it, we went the campground with hot spring. (Most Japanese people love bathing in hot springs. For us, the bath is not only a place to clean our body but also to relax our body and soul!)

- Also, we decided to check Wi-Fi spot every place, but unfortunately some Wi-Fi network is unstable and slow. Besides that, some place I had no reception.

- Anyway, the trouble and the extraordinary are the real pleasure!!


3. The itinerary

1st day: 

- Go to Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel at Shibuya
- Ride on the airport shuttle bus to Narita International Airport
- Flight to Vancouver
- Sightsee in downtown in Vancouver
- Flight to Calgary (My parents pick me up at the airport.)
- Ride on the motorhome
- Stay one night at Calgary West Campground

2nd day:

- Move to Banff National Park
- Sightsee in Banff
f:id:akaneco3:20161214041346j:plain[Photo 3 & 4 : at Banff]
- Stay one night at Banff National Park Trailer Court

3rd day:

- Go through Route 1A and sightsee at Lake Louise
f:id:akaneco3:20161214044814j:plain[Photo 5 : early in the morning at Lake Louise]
- Stay one night at Banff NP Lake Louise Hard-Sided campground**
(**Hard-Sided campground is only for the campers with recreation vehicles for the safety of themselves. To sum it all up, around this campground we have to beware of bears so that it is very dangerous to sleep in the tent.)

f:id:akaneco3:20161214042243j:plain[Photo 6: beware of bears!]

f:id:akaneco3:20161214041951j:plain[Photo 7: fireworks in the heavy rain]

4th day:

- Sightsee at Moraine Lake

f:id:akaneco3:20161214050129j:plain[Photo 8: beautiful Moraine Lake]
- Go to Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park
- Stay one night at Canyon Hot Springs Resort
- Take a hot spring bath pool (so relaxed!!)

5th day:

- Swim and ride on my inflatable boat at Shuswap Lake
- Stay one night at Kamloops RV Park 

6th day:

- Go through Route 99 (There were so many beautiful scenery places while driving!)

f:id:akaneco3:20161214043250j:plain[Photo 9: Unknown lake]
- Stay one night at Whistler RV Park and Campground 

7th day:

- Back to Vancouver
- Say good-bye to my parents
- Play Pokemon GO for a while because my departure was delayed due to plane trouble

f:id:akaneco3:20161214044334j:plain[Photo 10: Pokemon GO]
- Flight to Japan!!

4.  Last of all

Nature is sometimes very harsh.
But at the same time, Nature gives us real inner peace.
Besides this, everyone that I have met there is so sweet and gentle. (I've met more small animals than human, however.)

You should go whenever there is great nature (especially Canada!), and refresh yourself with fresh air, clean water, greens and wide open blue sky!!

f:id:akaneco3:20161214050854j:plain f:id:akaneco3:20161214051142j:plain f:id:akaneco3:20161214043339j:plain


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have safely landed at Narita International Airport. Please remain seated until the captain turns off the seatbelt sign.
On behalf of our Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip, and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again shortly."

Have a nice day!