HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 12: My favorite thing ~Why am I in Tokyo Dome~

Hi! This is the 12th day of "HDE Advent Calendar", and my name is Imaizumi from Japan.
I'm afraid my expressions may be rude or hard to read, because I'm not so good at English. But please, please, please be patient! I will try hard to write in English!

Why am I in Tokyo Dome?

Now, I'm in Tokyo Dome and writing this.


Why am I in Tokyo Dome? Because I come here to watch my favorite thing, and today's article is my favorite thing. My favorite thing is this.


American football!!
Today, I'll write about the fascination of American Football.

Since when did I like American Football?

Just two years ago , I came to Tokyo Dome the same as today. The purpose is to see final game in "X league",which is American Football championship in Japanese company. My previous colleague particaipated in the game, So, I came here.
I was impressed by it. I thought what a fantastic sports!
This is the photo then at that time.


Since that time I've been interested in American Football.

Why do I like "American Football"?

I think fascinations of American Football are as follows.

1.Physical American Football is a physical sport.

Players are runnning at incredible speed, and jumping at incredible hight, and crashing into each other at incredible impact.
It's so excited. Please check this Video.



Ordinary people think What is required in American Footbaal is only Physical thing.
Is it correct? No,Each player has to be smart.
Understand strategy,reading situation,and predicting next play. All of these are required.


NFL is so interesting and exciting. I think the reason is not only the above reasons but also Passion.
There is only 16 games a season.So, Every game is important in reaching the postseason. So, each player try hard to win to reach Super Bowl.
Every year, I decide to take a day off on the Super Bowl Day. I cannot wait the day!


But many people think the rule is too complicated.I also thought that. But it's easy to understand.I think American football is similar to Baseball than Soccer.
If you don't know rule, please watch this Video.



Thank you for reading.
If you're interested in American Football, I suggest that you should know the rule and watch some game. I assure that you come to like American Football.