HDE Advent Calendar 2016

“one day - one person - one blog post”, from December 1st - 25th

HDE Advent Calendar Day 25: The impressive things in the world through my business trip!

 Hi, there! I'm Shota Kawaminami works for HDE, Inc. as an Executive officer in charge of the Microsoft Business and the Global business. I'm the last guy of HDE Advent Calendar of 2016! Let's get start the Day 25, so, and Merry Christmas, everyone! How do you spend Christmas? Fortunately, I could spend the Christmas with my family and could exchange presents each other in Japan! Why did I say that? Yes, I'm usually working in abroad, as I noted, I'm in charge of the Global business.


 Eight, this number is that I visited countries in this year! There were Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, United States of America, Taiwan! I saved the visiting point on Google Map.


*The Star points are my visiting place in this year.

 Today, I'll explain about most impressive things through my business trips.


1. The Niagara Falls (Toronto, Canada)


 Microsoft holds the annual conference in North America for partners every year called Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). This year it was held in Toronto, I participated in the WPC and visited the Niagara falls. There are two falls, America falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. We can see the falls from the bottom riding on the tour ship.



2. Times Square (New York City, USA)


 After WPC, I visited New York City! I could get the power when I came here every time. The central of the Melting Pod, the Big Apple. I enjoyed watching the musical eating stakes, hamburgers, and so on!


3. Yankee Stadium (New York City, USA)


 My friends who live in New York City brought me to the Yankee Stadium. The photo is the pitcher, Mr. Uehara is climbing up the mound.


4. Motorbikes (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


 Ho Chi Minh City is the Motorbike City. There were a lot of Motor Bikes. Not only one person, two people, I saw 5 people riding one motorbike!


5. Taipei 101 (Taipei, Taiwan)


 We've established the branch in Taipei city, Taiwan this year! Taipei 101 is the 3rd highest building in the world. Fortunately, I had a chance to visit 2nd and no.1 highest building in the world! Do you know which building are them?



6. Jiufen (Taiwan)


 Using weekends, I visited Jiufen. Here is saying that the model place of the movie, "Spirited Away", the Japanese title is "千と千尋の神隠し". 


7. Traffic Jam (Jakarta, Indonesia)


 I've heard Jakarta is the worst traffic jam city in the world before visiting. I could say now, that's true! I had to spend 3 hours in the taxi the worst case in there!


8. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore, Singapore)


 Needless to say, everyone knows as the symbol of Singapore and famous rooftop pool. The hotel that's consisted by 3 towers and the big ship. There are Casino, shopping mall, convention center and so on. Every night in front of the hotel, in the bay, the illumination show is held twice.



9. Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


 I have never seen sich a modern and fantastic building in the world! There is real Final Fantasy world in here. I defiantly recommend you to see these buildings in the night time. It's also good viewing from SkyBar of the Trader Hotel at the opposite side of the Twin Towers!



10. Microsoft HoloLens (Seattle, USA) 


 There was a future in the glasses named HoloLens. I could experience to fix the outlet, design a motorbike, fight against aliens, explore on the Mars and so on. I am sorry that I can't show you the real. It'll come to our daily life soon! 




 How about you? Can you enjoy my article? I think that clever readers all know, I didn't write about one country, so it's Thailand. Actually, I lived half of this year in Bangkok, Thailand. So there were so many good things I want to write. It's not enough to write in one article. I'll write about Thailand next time if I could have a chance. 


 Finally, thank you for everyone who met this year all over the world, thank you for everyone who took care of me, thank you for your kindness. Without your help, I couldn't deal with my business trip and life. See you again soon in the world!


 Thank you for reading my blog and HDE Advent Calendar to the end. Have a good day, last of this year and Happy New Year!! 

HDE Advent Calendar Day 24: My Adventure in Japan part 2

Hello everyone!

I am Sunny who started to work in HDE recently. Just kidding. I mean starting to work in HDE Taiwan. HDE Taiwan is same as HDE in Japan, providing value added cloud security to the companies who are using Office 365/ G Suite.


Today, let me talk about the same topic as two years ago in HDE Advent Calendar 2014.

23日目:日本への大冒険 - HDE Advent Calendar 2014

Yes, My adventure in Japan part 2.


1. Join HDE

Yes, I graduated and worked in a Japanese company in Japan! It was so exciting for me. Of course, at that same time, it was also a big challenge. Studying in Japan as a exchange student is totally different from working. You have to learn seriously how to do lots of things in foreign country by yourself. It is like you are in a foggy place. You can see every things, but it is not clear. However, HDE people, my colleagues are really so nice! Really appreciate all of your support during all my adventure in HDE.


I did four interns/part-time in different Taiwanese companies and Japanese companies’ subsidiaries in Taiwan before. The culture and working style, environment is quite different. However, that is why it is interesting and attractive.


My 1st anniversary gift of working in HDE from GIP team 



2. Work for Global Internship Program

As I joined HDE, I started to work for Global Internship Program. It was my first position, finding talented, recruiting good engineers around the world.


Then, I had the first business trip to Singapore, which starts my business trip life in HDE, and I always appreciate. We hold the seminar with Aiesec, and participated in Job fair in National Singapore University. And sure, we did find some good GIP members in the business trip.



After that, our team went to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia,  Hong Kong, Taiwan to recruit. In  every business trips. I met different people around the world. We have different views to see the world, different values, different styles of working and living. During that year we found lots of global talents around the world, and some of them are my colleagues now. I am quite happy to have them in HDE :) Of course, those experience in that year will always remind me that this world is big. No matter how far I go, what kind of situation or barriers I meet, the experience might make me think it more widely, deeply, freely.


3. About HDE Taiwan

Well, about this, If you have time to read, I can write like more than 10 pages about this story. I think lots of people have no ideas what I am doing now, since I mostly not in the office in Japan. Please let me share with you. Yes, I started to try to introduce HDE One to Taiwan mark. Our HDE One is kind of brand new concept in the market, and in which our partners and customers are interested. Of course, there is cultural shock. From the beginning parts to the end of business process, having company, marketing, branding, doing selling, testing products, even buying are different. We need to learn and adjust, communicate at every small things and moments.  

And thanks for lots of my colleagues, we have a branch in Taipei!



I am trying my best to do it now. It is challenging and definitely not an easy thing, but I still can say, by conquering (or actually taking) those difficulties I am still enjoying.


And stay tune, since the story of HDE Taiwan just started!

Ps. Please give HDE Taiwan fb a like: https://www.facebook.com/hde.tw


To Be continued..

HDE Advent Calendar Day 23: Engadget the company

chromecasting: supermariorun.com - We love Mario!


Merry Friday!

Thank God, it's Friday. And also it's a national holiday today in Japan: the Emperor's Birthday, OMG! oops.. OME(mperor)! TEIF! I'm Haruo AMANO, Executive Officer, HDE, Inc. in Tokyo HQ.

I'm some kind of a gadget Otaku. There are so many cool things in the world, and especially audio and visual gadgets charm me suddenly and unexpectedly. Happily for me, I can show my Otaku power/passion in our office in these days.

Our company, HDE is a B2B SaaS company, and provides a leading cloud security solution mainly in Japan. Since our customers tend to try to change their workstyle using our solution, other services and some GADGETS, we also have to try it in the same way.

Then, let me show you new gadgets I "engadgeted the company" in this year :)

1. Double 2 by Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters


Imagine your daily work life as this super cool black robot. The first double 1(HDE-1) came to our office in 2014 in order to support our injured engineer who wasn't able to come to the office for several months. After that, we got new double 2(HDE-2) in this year to cover the expanded office floor @5F. Many HDE people and guests attended meetings/gatherings/events via double and communicated/collaborated/enjoyed.

@HDE Tokyo HQ 10F meeting room


2. Mevo Camera by Livestream


I ordered this cute pocket-sized live video camera immediately after I saw this Mevo's video ads on FB. As you all know, 'video first' strategy might be the next big issure for enterprises in the very near future. Now we can try to record/stream our study sessions, event pitches, CEO talk, etc. in a really simple way!

@HDE Tokyo HQ 5F North Work Lounge


3. Q-display 4K65 Limited model by UPQ


Fortunately, we were able to get this limited "4k 65 inch" display on Y! shopping web site in the Saturday morning. I just happened to see the availability, confirmed with CEO-san via slack, and we decided to buy it in an hour communication :) We're using it just for a very big display for the meetings for now, but we think we can find something new ways like digital signage, art stuff, etc. in the future.

@HDE Tokyo HQ 5F North Work Lounge, measured by Togo-san  

What would be the next one? Don't miss it, we do be quick and go bold.

Enjoy your holiday!



P.S. "It's my new Sony in this year" Exhibition!

I'm also some kind of crazy SONY lover. Let me just share my new SONY stuffs in 2016.

S1. PS4 - PlayStation®4


My massive sony points from NURO campaign changed into PS4 in Sep :) To tell the truth, I wasn't able to unbox it.. What title(s) do you recommend?


S2. X11 - Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker


I got pair of the speaker via Mercari few weeks ago. Good portable sound!


S3. SONY α7Ⅱ(ILCE-7M2)


One of my dreams came true in this month! Now this full-frame camera is making my daily life, including work life more colorful :)

Thank you for reading this to the end.

HDE Advent Calendar Day 22: Baseball

 Hi, I'm Yoshiki Nagatome, Executive vice president in charge of sales and marketing management in HDE.

What skill have you improved in this year? 
As you may study a lot in business, for me the most improved skill is "baseball". Because I have played and taught baseball in my kid's team almost all holidays!
When my older son said "I'm interested in baseball and want to start! it.", I was very disturbed. I have played many kinds of sports, for example football, tennis, swimming, table tennis, ground golf and so on with him but he was't interested in them.  
Although quite a few Japanese men who have a son dream to play catch, I didn't with my son. To be honest, I seldom played baseball in my childhood. I like watching baseball but not be good at playing it.
Furthermore, I had a bad impression about kids baseball team. When I was a boy, many friends of mine played baseball. Baseball was the most poplar sports for kids in Japan 30 years ago. On the other hand, they seemed unhappy since baseball coaches were always angry and scolding them. 
That's why I opposed my son begin to play baseball at first. But my son had a strong will, he and I joined trial baseball lesson. 


I was surprised there are a few members in the ground. Kids baseball becomes no longer poplar. Atmosphere is also changing. Children seem happy to play baseball. I talked with some coaches and asked my concerns.
A coach said "When I was a boy I played baseball same as my son. As I felt sad to be scold by coaches so often, I want to change teaching style. I'd like to make kids be fan to play baseball. I also strictly tell them not to do something dangerous."  
Generally speaking, kids baseball team is better than before because it's necessary to make kids continue baseball. Reasons are as bellow,
- Birthrate is falling in Japan.
- Baseball is no longer popular.
- There are many kind of options for kids to play sports.
I felt relieved to hear that. It was my first kids baseball experience about 1 years ago.
Although there are enough technical coaches such as ex-professional baseball player, ex-scout in MLB, 20 years experienced baseball team manager and so on, they are welcome new member to join the team like me. 


At first, I wanted to know how to improve my son's baseball skill. As I know a lot about team member, I've come to like kids baseball more and more. I've enjoyed to play and teach baseball for a year.!
Of course baseball coach is hobby for me. It's also very useful about team management in our company. Interesting for me, baseball coach and sales manager have a lot in common, as below.
- Setting Goals (Win games, Get orders)
- Role clarification (Which position is suitable for each member)
- Interpersonal-relations (How to cooperate with each other)
I continue to think about team building both in weekdays and holidays!


Finally, I'd like to say it was very hard to write this theme in English. Because there are so many Japanese-English words about baseball. For example like these,
Quoted from Wikipedia.
Thank you for reading.
For managers, I recommend you to become a sports coach on weekends!

HDE Advent Calendar Day 21: Skiing/ Snowboarding in Japan - Why I Urge You to Go This Season

Hi I'm Rima, translator at HDE Support Team and I heart snowboarding. 

I'd like to encourage you to go skiing/ snowboarding this season as I think it is one of the best ways to spend winter in Japan.

Due to the La Niña effect, 2017 winter is expected to be very cold with heavy snowfall. Though I'm saddend by the human impact on climate change, more snow during the winter months is fabulous news for enjoying winter sports!          f:id:rimahde:20161220164431j:plain

                                                 Zao, Yamagata - Source: Yamagata Prefecture/ JN

Since I lived in Singapore, California and Hawaii, I've never really been a big fan of winter and avoided cold places at all costs. I used to go surfing everyday in Hawaii, but after returning to Japan, jumping in the freezing, dark water in the middle of winter just didn't seem appealing to me so I took up snowboarding.

I have fallen in love with it ever since and have been going consistantly for the past 6 years. 

Here's why. 

6 Reasons to Go Skiing/ Snowboarding in Japan:

 1. Awesome J-Pow

Japan is known to have world class quality of powder snow. This freshly fallen, unpacked snow is so soft and literally feels like "powder". It won't hurt much when you fall, which is appealing to everyone but especially beginners who tend to fall on their bum a lot.

It feels like surfing when you're riding on powder...


                     Niseko, Hokkaido - Source:  http://hiltonhotels.jp/hotel/hokkaido/hilton-niseko-village


                                    Niseko, Hokkaido - Source: http://www.hanazononiseko.com/

To get the most consistant amount of powder, head north to Iwate or Hokkaido. Niseko is great for all levels and attracts a LOT of foreigners. The entire village seems like a foreign country with English signs and foreign staff working everywhere. Maybe not the place to go if you want to experience authentic rural Japan, but for the ultimate powder experience, Niseko is a must go:


If you prefer a more Japanese experience, head to Appi in Iwate:



                                           Appi Kogen, Iwate- Source: http://www.powderskijapan.com

If you're looking to go somewhere closer from Tokyo, go to Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen in Nagano and Naeba or Myoko Kogen in Niigata as they are also known for the powder. There are day and weekend bus package tours as low as 9,800yen per person with roundtrip transportation from central Tokyo, accomodation, lift pass and meals included:

Tour Packages (Japanese only):


Tour packages (English available):


2. Appreciate the Beauty of Nature

Viewing great scenary while exercising is what really got me hooked on snowboarding. The snow does wonders to the terrain... 


                                                              Kagura, Niigata - Source: Me


                                                           Shiga Kogen, Nagano - Source: Me 

3. Onsen (Hotspring) & Winter Sports - The Perfect Combo

Japan has over 3,000 onsen spots with facilities and a whopping 22,000 natural hotspring sources nationwide! No wonder bathing is deeply rooted in our culture.

Most ski resorts and hotels have onsens either on site or close by which makes it easy to access after a day of getting pounded in the snow.  

Natural onsen in particular has minerals that are known to be theraputic for your body and mind. It alleviates wounds, muscle aches and keeps your skin firm and moist duirng the winter months. 

One of my favorite ski resorts, Nozawa Onsen, has lots of fun off piste runs and free natural hotsprings right by the slopes:


                                               Free public onsen "Ooyu"in Nozawa Onsen village:                   

                                               Source: http://www.nozawakanko.jp/spa/sotoyu.php


                                                   Nozawa Onsen, Nagano - Source: Ryokan Sakaya

4. Experiene Rural Japan

Tokyo is a big, bright city and has it's perks like unlimited food choices, gadgets, events and night life, but there are beautiful and fun things that only the country side can offer.

For insntace, Shirakawago is an ancient mountain village in Takayama, Gifu and the entire place is a proud UNESCO World Heritage site.

Walking through the village that's filled with snow-topped traditionally thached "gassho-zukuri" houses, you'll feel like you've slipped back in time:


                                   Shirakawago, Gifu - Source: http://rurubu.travel/theme/column/55/

Skiing/ snowboarding in Nagano and visiting this village may be difficult to do on one weekend as it takes about 3 hours one way by car from Hakuba. But, there is a small ski hill right by the historic site if you want to enjoy both sightseeing and winter sports.


You can go watch wild monkeys bathing in hotsprings just because you can (and they are pretty cute):     


                                                    Jigokudani Yaen-Koen, Niigata - Source: 

                                 温泉に入る猿!?「スノーモンキー」 | J ● T | Japanese Traditions and Culture


5. Enjoy the Country Night Life 

Just because you're out of the city, doesn't mean you can't have a good night out. Both Niseko and Hakuba have decent bars and clubs to go after dinner.

I do recommend that you check out these festivals before hitting the bars!:

Nozawa Onsen Dosojin Fire Festival (January 15th, 2017): 


Sapporo Snow Festival (February 1-12, 2017):


Shiga Kogen - Snow Monkey Beer Festival (March 19-20, 2017):


And last but not least...

6. Stay Fit and Healthy

Winter months can make you hiberante. Excercising feels like a chore since it's just so damn cold outside and you'd rather load up on carbs and binge watch netflix.

This is why going skiing and snowboarding is a great way to break a sweat and keep that extra weight off. You'll most likely be going with friends or family so it'll be way more fun than hitting the gym in Tokyo alone.

As Japanese winters tend to be generally sunny, you can also get enough sunlight and vitamin D to keep that winter blues away!


                                                            Nozawa Onsen - Source: Me 


So there you have it. My recommendations and tips on why and how you can enjoy winter sports this season.

Hope at least one or two things on this post inspired you to try them out.

Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for reading!


                                                                      Nagano - Source: Me  







HDE Advent Calendar Day 20: WinterはCapybaraとOnsen Zanmai

Hi, I’m Tanabe, working as a Software Engineer at HDE. I wrote the advent calendar blog second times and this is the third time for me.

If you are interested in those topic, please check it out. I thought my topic in this year would be a technical one as usual but.. there is no technical topic until today as you can see here. I decided to try to write a non technical one.

What animal do you like?

I love Capybara. Do you know the capybara?

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. Close relatives are guinea pigs and rock cavies, and it is more distantly related to the agouti, chinchillas, and the coypu.

From Wikipedia, Capybara

I didn't know Capybara much until I met kapibara-san. Kapibara-san is a character inspired by Capybara. It was created by Tryworks. Actually, I came to know this character in a game arcade. It was a prize of UFO catcher and I really liked it.



Kapibara-san in my balcony. source: me.


Mage-Wappa with Kapibara-san in Kyurutto-shop in Tokyo Station. source: me



Kapibara-san Cafe in Tokyo. source: me


Real Capybara:


The capybara in Nasu Animal Kingdom. source: me


The capybara in Suzaka Zoo in Nagano. source: me


The capybara in Sayuri World in Ichihara, Chiba. source: me


The capybara in Izu Shaboten Park in Izu, Shizuoka. source: me

I hope you now understand that kapibara-san and the real capybara are both sooooo cute.

The capybara is very stable animal. They don't move except for the time of feeding.


The capybara in Mother Farm in Bousou, Chiba. source: me

I can see the stop-the-world capybara forever. They really makes me relaxed.

The capybara loves a watermelon. They are so excited while eating it.


The capybara and watermelon in Bio Park Nagasaki. source: Bio Park Nagasaki

I think the capybara is very social animal. We can see the capybara along with other animals.


The capybara and Mara in Kobe Animal Kingodom. source: me


The capybara and turtle in Moff Animal World in Inzai, Chiba. source: me


The capibara and an animal (I forgot...) in Sayuri World. source: me

And also you can find more awesome photos at Why Do Animals Like Capybaras So Much? (18+ Pics) | Bored Panda

Now is the winter. I love Onsen and Sento. Do you know the capybara also loves Onsen too?


The capybara, enjoying Onsen in Nasu Animal Kingdom. source: me


The capybara and Onsen in Saitama Children's Zoo in Higashi-matsuyama, Saitama. source: me

They live in densely forested areas near bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, swamps, ponds, and marshes,[11] as well as flooded savannah and along rivers in tropical forest.

From Wikipedia, Capybara

so... The winter season in Japan is too hard for them. A one of zoo in Japan got an idea about giving the capybara Onsen. The zoo shaped the idea and finally the capybara found Onsen fun.

Recently, there are zoos that provide Onsen not only for the capybara but also for human. You can enjoy it with the capybara.

全国初!カピバラをみながら温泉入浴できる入浴施設新規OPEN! : What's New : 那須どうぶつ王国 : 那須どうぶつ王国 (News from Nasu Animal Kingom about Onsen with Capybara)

The place you can enjoy kapibara-san and the capybara near Tokyo

I think you want to know where you can meet kapibara-san and the capybara.

For kapibara-san, you should go to Kyurutto-shop (キュルっとショップ) in FIRST AVENUE TOKYO B1F.

For the capybara:

That's it. Enjoy Onsen and Capybara!

HDE Advent Calendar Day 19: My first salary was 70,000yen.

 Last month, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company.

 In the small anniversary party, I recalled our young days.

 I guess many of the Japanese fellows have heard about the stories of our early stage, even just bits and pieces, but I'm sure that the global members have not heard about the stories I am about to share in this article.

 Though there may be some mistakes because it was many years ago.


1. Actually we started in Kichijoji not Shibuya.

 We started from a room in Kichijoji which had 1 room, a tiny kitchen and a unit bath. Ogura-san, Nagatome-san, some other members and I stayed there and talked about our strategies. When we changed our limited company to a stock company, we decided that our basic salary was 70,000 yen. Considering our total sales income, it was a brave decision to decide to have our pay fixed.


2. How to eat bento?

 The board members were poor. We used to buy cheap bentos near our first “office”. The shopkeeper of bento shop recognized that we were really poor, so he often gave us free additional instant miso soup packs. We didn't eat the free miso soup packs at lunch and kept it until evening. We made miso soup with a half-boiled egg for our supper.


3. How to eat Sushi?

 Sometimes we'd like to eat Sushi. Three of us used to buy one Sushi Box which was sold for around 500 yen and contained one of each kind of Sushi. The way to share is - At first we do Rock-paper-scissors, the winner can select one and eat it. The 2nd winner can take one next. Loser take last. After each took one Sushi, we do Rock-paper-scissors even more seriously. That was our rare moment of luxury.


4. How to get futon?

 Picked up from the side of the road. We needed it for our endless working.




5. What kind of discussion did we have?

 Private Home PC teacher for elderly people, Business Harbor plan (a kind of platform for remote work), PC delivery service like pizza, Linux box and so on. Some members left to handle other internet business.


6. Any troubles?

 We assigned jobs to registered students, but these students sometimes were irresponsible and abandoned their jobs. At that time, we had to follow up the jobs by ourselves on behalf of those bad students. It was not a big problem because we were also students.


7. Any rule?

 The only rule I remember is that we prohibited each other from playing Diablo, because that addictive and exciting game always prevent us from doing work.


8. What was the biggest news in our early stage?

 Our first product, "Ring”, an internet server composed by Linux and assembled PC box from Akihabara appeared in a newspaper with the title "Price Destruction". Ring sold well. One month, we won the prize for selling an internet line "OCN economy" the most because we sold it bundled with our server.


9. What was the biggest secret in our early stage?

 Around 2002, mobile phones could receive only small size e-mail which contains only few hundreds character. Ogura-san (CEO) hoped to read full contents of e-mail via mobile phone, so he made a script which can split e-mails into small pieces and forward them to mobile phone. But one day he received an e-mail which contains a big binary and the script produced millions of small e-mails. Those emails generated by the script seemed to attack the "j-phone, Inc." servers ( j-phone, Inc. is an old mobile phone carrier; the first firm which provided mobile phone with the service of receiving internet e-mails; merged to KDDI many years ago ). Because carriers had no system preventing from huge flow of e-mails in those days, the service seemed to be completely down for a few days. We, SOMEHOW, escaped from this trouble, and we fortunately didn't need to apologise or compensate for the trouble that we cause to j-phone.


10. In conclusion, are the three board members close?

 The question I (we) was often asked. We always answer "No, because we rarely go along in private". It's half true, and it's half misrepresentation to hide the fact that we also have no idea how we should answer.

 To be exact, we're always changing. Today's CEO, Ogura-san is not the last year's him. The other borad member, Nagatome-san too. One day we are close, that is, have the same opinion, the other day we're not close, that is, might battle with each other. That’s why this question is hard to answer.

 However, I believe that they can continue to change and improve themselves, same as me. Close or not, it depends on the situation. That is our best answer, I think.